Greater Norwich Growth Board

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Greater Norwich Growth Programme

The Greater Norwich Growth Programme is developed and approved by Broadland District Council, Norwich City Council, South Norfolk Council, Norfolk County Council and the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership, working as the Greater Norwich Growth Board. The programme is drawn together from the annual Business Plans of Broadland, Norwich and South Norfolk Councils and identifies schemes to be prioritised for delivery and development within each financial year.

The Growth Programme is assessed annually and sets out the financial implications for income and expenditure for the forthcoming year and the cumulative financial impact of funding decisions on the Programme given funding and borrowing commitment from earlier years. It takes account of the long-term financial implications for the end of the programme period i.e. 2026.

The Councils will approve the Greater Norwich Growth Programme at least annually.

The Annual Growth Programme for 16/17 was approved by the Greater Norwich Growth Board at its meeting on 24 September 2015.  The current document can be viewed here.

The full report which went to the Growth Board in September can be viewed here

The Programme was reported to each of the Growth Board partners, for approval of the combined programme, on the following dates:

Broadland District Council 8 December 2015
Norwich City Council 24 November 2015
South Norfolk Council November 2015
New Anglia LEP Board December 2015
Norfolk County Council 8 February 2016

The management of the Growth Programme is overseen by the Greater Norwich Infrastructure Delivery Board. Programme delivery teams manage scheme delivery and have the responsibility to report on progress with delivery and programming to the Infrastructure Delivery Board.