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Joint Core Strategy Annual Monitoring Report published

1st February 2017

The Greater Norwich authorities work together to prepare an Annual Monitoring Report which provides a useful indication of how the Greater Norwich area is performing against the objectives set out in the Joint Core Strategy (JCS).

The Annual Monitoring Report measures the implementation of the JCS policies and outlines the 5 year land supply position. It also updates the Sustainability Appraisal baseline and includes a section on the implementation of each Local Authority’s policies from their respective local plans (not covered by the JCS).  Finally, the Annual Monitoring Report includes information on CIL receipts for the monitoring year and details of how the Local Authorities have met the Duty to Cooperate. 

This year's report shows that there are many indicators that are currently being met or where clear improvements have been made:

  • The number of new employee jobs has increased this year;
  • The number of Lower Super Output Areas among the most deprived 20% nationally has shown a relative reduction since 2009/10;
  • Net housing completions have increased from last year and are at the highest level since 2009/10;
  • The proportion of new and converted dwellings developed on Previously Developed Land has met target across the Greater Norwich area as a whole;
  • No planning permissions have been granted contrary to the advice of the Environment Agency on either flood defence or water quality grounds;
  • The rate of new business registrations has increased;
  • Norwich has maintained its position in the national retail ranking;
  • No listed buildings have been lost or demolished;
  • The unemployment rate of the population aged 16-64 has decreased;
  • Life expectancy has increased; and
  • CO2 emissions per capita have decreased

For more details please see below

  Joint Core Strategy for Broadland, Norwich and South Norfolk: Annual Monitoring Report 2015-16   Size: 3.7 MB – Date: 01/02/2017

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