Greater Norwich Local Plan

The papers for the GNDP Board on 6th January 2020 are listed under the sub-heading 'Next meeting' below. These include the proposed strategy and sites which members will discuss in January.

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Broadland District Council, Norwich City Council and South Norfolk Council are working together with Norfolk County Council  to prepare the Greater Norwich Local Plan (GNLP).

The Greater Norwich Local Plan will build on the long-established joint working arrangements for Greater Norwich, which have delivered the current Joint Core Strategy (JCS) for the area. The JCS plans for the housing and jobs needs of the area to 2026. The GNLP will ensure that these needs continue to be met to 2038.

The GNLP will include strategic planning policies and will also allocate individual sites for development. It will aim to ensure that new homes and jobs are delivered and the environment is protected and enhanced, promoting sustainability and the effective functioning of the area.

We are about to start a public consultation for the Regulation 18 Draft Greater Norwich Local Plan (GNLP). Between 29th January and 16th March, you can view the draft GNLP policies, view an interactive map of sites and make your comments online at You can also come to one of our roadshow events and speak to the GNLP team at the following locations and times:

Acle Community Centre, 6 February, 2 to 8pm

Aylsham Town Hall, 11 February, 2 to 8pm

Costessey Centre, 13 February, 2 to 8pm

Chedgrave, Brian Clark Meeting Room, 17 February, 2 to 8 pm

Cringleford Willow Centre, 4 February, 2 to 8pm

Diss, The Corn Hall, 3 March, 2 to 8pm

Harleston Library, 28 February, 2 to 6.30pm

Hingham, Lincoln Hall, 25 February, 2 to 8pm

Horsford Village Hall, 4 March, 2 to 8pm

Norwich, The Forum, 26 February and 5 March, 2 to 8pm

Sprowston, Diamond Centre, 19 February, 2 to 8pm

Taverham Village Hall, 21 February, 2 to 8pm

North Wymondham Community Centre, 14 Feb, 2 to 8pm

Sustainability Appraisal and Habitat Regulations Assessment

The Sustainability Appraisal and Habitat Regulations Assessments prepared to accompany the consultation on the Regulation 18 Draft Plan Consultation can be found below.

  GNLP-SA-Reg18C-Final   Size: 7.3 MB – Date: 10/01/2020

GNLP-Reg-18-HRA-Final   Size: 1.3 MB – Date: 10/01/2020

Timetable for Preparation of the Greater Norwich Local Plan

A revised timetable for the Greater Norwich Local Plan was agreed by the Greater Norwich Development Partnership Board in June 2018. The revised GNLP timetable is incorporated into the published Local Development Schemes of the three district councils making up the partnership, available by clicking on the following links:

Broadland Local Development Scheme

Norwich Local Development Scheme

South Norfolk Local Development Scheme

The key stages of the Greater Norwich Local Plan timetable are set out below:

Call for Sites

May-July 2016

Regulation 18 Growth Options and Site Proposals Consultation

January-March 2018

Regulation 18 Consultation on New, Revised and Small Sites

October-December 2018

Regulation 18 Draft Plan Consultation

29 January - 16 March 2020

Regulation 19 Publication

To be confirmed by GNDP Board

Submission of the GNLP to the Secretary of State for the Environment

To be confirmed by GNDP Board

Public Examination

To be confirmed by GNDP Board


To be confirmed by GNDP Board

Where are we now?

In 2016 we invited developers, landowners and other interested parties to suggest potential development land they wished to see considered for possible inclusion in the Greater Norwich Local Plan (known as the “Call for Sites”). More information can be found here

The Call for Sites formal consultation period closed in July 2016, but sites may be put forward for the plan at any point before the final document is submitted for examination. The initial stages of preparing the GNLP have involved assessing the broad suitability of many hundreds of possible development sites submitted up to July 2017, as well as working up strategic development options for where growth in Greater Norwich might best be located, and developing policy options for how different issues might be dealt with in the local plan. We have commissioned a series of evidence studies to inform this process. More information on the evidence base can be found here.

We are keen for as many people as possible to have their say and get involved in the process of preparing the GNLP. There are opportunities for formal comment at key stages in the plan-making process, as set out in national planning regulations. The stages leading up to the production of the draft local plan are referred to as “Regulation 18”, the publication of the final preferred plan “Regulation 19”.

Our second Regulation 18 consultation was held from 29th October to 14th December 2018. This was a focused consultation inviting comment on around 200 new and revised sites put forward by landowners and site promoters during and after the first consultation in January 2018 (see below). We also invited comment on a small number of other suggested sites which are too small to show in the plan individually but may have some development potential. In some cases it may be possible to allow for the development of these sites by including the land within amended settlement boundaries.

For more information about the most recent Regulation 18 consultation click here or click on the banner at the top of this page. This consultation is now closed.

The first Regulation 18 consultation ran from 8th January to 22nd March 2018. It invited comments on some 540 potential development sites submitted through the Call for Sites (in the Settlement Summaries and Site Proposals Document), alongside strategic growth options and policy alternatives (in the Growth Options document). We are still in the process of assessing, summarising and responding to the many thousands of individual comments to both documents received at that stage. A high level report on the results of that consultation can be found here and a more detailed report setting out responses to the Growth Options document can be found here:

Important: The sites we consulted on in January, and the additional sites we consulted on in October, are not development proposals by the Councils, and they are not planning applications. They are merely possible options for development put forward by site promoters, landowners and others. We must consider all these suggested sites objectively as part of the plan-making process, but together they provide far more development land than we need for this local plan. This is why we are asking for your feedback to help us decide on the most appropriate growth strategy, and the most suitable sites to shortlist and take forward for allocation in the plan to achieve that strategy. The sites will not have any formal planning status unless and until they are included as preferred sites in the Regulation 18 draft local plan (to be published in 2019), or if they receive planning permission through a separate planning application in the meantime.

The Greater Norwich Local Plan team can be contacted via email at or tel 01603 306603.

The Greater Norwich Development Partnership

To oversee the preparation of the new Local Plan the authorities involved have re-established their joint working arrangements under the Greater Norwich Development Partnership (GNDP).

The Terms of Reference for the Partnership can be found below:

Greater Norwich Development Partnership - Terms of Reference (Jan 2017)   Size: 115 KB – Date: 22/03/2017  

Questions from the Public

The public may submit questions to the GNDP Board in respect of the development of the Greater Norwich Local Plan.  Questions are required to be submitted to the Greater Norwich Planning Policy Team Manager three working days before a Board meeting. The time allowed for questions and responses will be limited to 15 minutes in total. There is no guarantee that all questions can be answered in the given time and it will be up to the discretion of the Chair on the day as to whether the time available for questions should be extended.  Questions and the responses will be minuted.

Please submit any questions to 



200106-MINS-GNDP-Board   Size: 68 KB – Date: 29/01/2020



Greater Norwich Development Board, 6th January 2020: Agenda and Reports   Size: 884 KB – Date: 17/12/2019

Draft Plan (Regulation 18) Greater Norwich Local Plan Strategy Document

Final-Reg-18-draft-strategy-for-GNDP   Size: 6.5 MB – Date: 17/12/2019

Draft Plan (Regulation 18) Greater Norwich Local Plan Sites Document

The GNLP consultation documents do not contain any sites in smaller South Norfolk villages as South Norfolk Council intend to prepare a separate village clusters housing allocation plan covering new and carried forward sites for housing in their village clusters. There should be a separate consultation document in the near future about sites in these settlements. To find out more about the progress of this document, please contact the South Norfolk planning team on 01508 533805 or email 


Site-Allocations-introductory-chapter   Size: 126 KB – Date: 17/12/2019

Summary of Preferred, Reasonable and Unreasonable sites 

Norwich - Preferred Sites

Preferred-Sites-Norwich   Size: 704 KB – Date: 12/12/2019

Norwich - Reasonable Alternative Sites

Reasonable-Alternatives-Norwich   Size: 83 KB – Date: 12/12/2019

Norwich - Unreasonable Sites

Unreasonable-sites-Norwich   Size: 90 KB – Date: 16/12/2019

Urban Fringe - Preferred Sites

Preferred-Sites-Urban-Fringe   Size: 100 KB – Date: 13/12/2019

Urban Fringe - Reasonable Alternative Sites

Reasonable-alternative-Urban-Fringe   Size: 96 KB – Date: 13/12/2019

Urban Fringe - Unreasonable Sites

Unreasonable-Sites-Urban-Fringe   Size: 164 KB – Date: 16/12/2019

Towns - Preferred Sites

Preferred-Sites-Towns   Size: 692 KB – Date: 16/12/2019

Towns - Reasonable Alternative Sites

Reasonable-Alternatives-Towns   Size: 687 KB – Date: 16/12/2019

Towns - Unreasonable Sites

Unreasonable-Sites-Towns   Size: 128 KB – Date: 16/12/2019

Key Service Centres - Preferred Sites

Preferred-Sites-Key-Service-Centres   Size: 102 KB – Date: 13/12/2019

Key Service Centres - Reasonable Alternative Sites

Reasonable-Alternatives-Key-Service-Centres   Size: 85 KB – Date: 13/12/2019

Key Service Centres - Unreasonable Sites

Unreasonable-Sites-Key-Service-Centres   Size: 183 KB – Date: 16/12/2019

Broadland Village Clusters - Preferred Sites

Preferred-Sites-VC-Broadland   Size: 734 KB – Date: 16/12/2019

Broadland Village Clusters - Reasonable Alternative Sites

Reasonable-Alternatives-VC-Broadland   Size: 682 KB – Date: 16/12/2019

Broadland Village Clusters - Unreasonable Sites

Unreasonable-Sites-VC-Broadland-LWC   Size: 263 KB – Date: 08/01/2020

Non-Residential (Broadland and South Norfolk) - Preferred Sites

Non-resi-Preferred-Sites   Size: 113 KB – Date: 13/12/2019

Non-Residential (Broadland and South Norfolk) - Reasonable Alternative Sites

Non-resi-Reasonable-Sites   Size: 133 KB – Date: 13/12/2019

Non-Residential (Broadland and South Norfolk)  - Unreasonable Sites

Non-resi-Unreasonable-Sites   Size: 180 KB – Date: 16/12/2019

Settlement Chapters



Part 1  Norwich-Part-1   Size: 13 MB – Date: 16/12/2019

Part 2  Norwich-Part-2   Size: 12 MB – Date: 13/12/2019


Colney-Strategic-Employment-Area   Size: 6.9 MB – Date: 11/12/2019


Costessey   Size: 8.9 MB – Date: 11/12/2019

Cringleford (including employment at Keswick Land)

Cringleford-Including-employment-allocation-at-Keswick   Size: 2.9 MB – Date: 11/12/2019


Drayton   Size: 5.7 MB – Date: 11/12/2019

Easton and Honingham

Easton-and-Honingham   Size: 2.5 MB – Date: 16/01/2020


Hellesdon   Size: 4 MB – Date: 11/12/2019

Old Catton

Old-Catton   Size: 2.5 MB – Date: 11/12/2019


Rackheath   Size: 6.7 MB – Date: 11/12/2019


Sprowston   Size: 3 MB – Date: 11/12/2019

Taverham and Ringland

Taverham   Size: 5.7 MB – Date: 11/12/2019

Trowse (including non-residential at Bixley and Whitlingham)

Trowse-including-non-residential-at-Bixley-and-Whitlingham   Size: 2.2 MB – Date: 11/12/2019

Thorpe St Andrew

Thorpe-St-Andrew   Size: 4.3 MB – Date: 11/12/2019


Aylsham with Blickling, Burgh & Tuttington, Oulton

Aylsham   Size: 3.2 MB – Date: 11/12/2019

Diss (including part of Roydon)

DISS   Size: 6.7 MB – Date: 11/12/2019

Redenhall with Harleston (including part of Needham)

Redenhall-with-Harleston   Size: 5.8 MB – Date: 11/12/2019

Hethel Strategic Employment Area

Hethel-Strategic-Employment   Size: 1.7 MB – Date: 11/12/2019

Long Stratton (including part of Tharston)

Long-Stratton-including-of-part-Tharston-and-Hapton-parish   Size: 5.2 MB – Date: 11/12/2019


Wymondham   Size: 9.2 MB – Date: 11/12/2019



Acle   Size: 5 MB – Date: 12/12/2019


Blofield   Size: 2.2 MB – Date: 28/01/2020

Brundall and Postwick-with-Witton

Brundall   Size: 5.4 MB – Date: 12/12/2019


Hethersett   Size: 7.5 MB – Date: 12/12/2019


Hingham   Size: 4 MB – Date: 12/12/2019

Loddon and Chedgrave

Loddon-and-Chedgrave   Size: 3.3 MB – Date: 12/12/2019

Poringland, Framingham Earl and Framingham Pigot (including parts of Bixley, Caistor St Edmund and Stoke Holy Cross)

Poringland   Size: 8.4 MB – Date: 12/12/2019


Reepham   Size: 5.7 MB – Date: 12/12/2019


Wroxham   Size: 2.8 MB – Date: 12/12/2019


Blofield Heath

Blofield-Heath   Size: 2.2 MB – Date: 28/01/2020

Buxton with Lamas and Brampton

Buxton-with-Lamas   Size: 2.3 MB – Date: 13/12/2019


Cantley   Size: 1013 KB – Date: 13/12/2019

Cawston, Brandiston and Swannington

Cawston   Size: 2.1 MB – Date: 13/12/2019

Coltishall, Horstead with Stanninghall and Belaugh

Coltishall   Size: 3 MB – Date: 13/12/2019

Foulsham and Themelthorpe

Foulsham   Size: 1.7 MB – Date: 13/12/2019

Freethorpe, Halvergate and Wickhampton

Freethorpe   Size: 1.5 MB – Date: 13/12/2019


Frettenham   Size: 1.9 MB – Date: 13/12/2019

Great and Little Plumstead

Great-and-Little-Plumstead   Size: 4.1 MB – Date: 13/12/2019

Great Witchingham (Lenwade), Weston Longville, Alderford, Attlebridge, Little Witchingham and Morton-on-the-Hill

Great-Witchingham   Size: 3.7 MB – Date: 13/12/2019

Hainford and Stratton Strawless

Hainford-and-Stratton-Strawless   Size: 4.2 MB – Date: 13/12/2019


Hevingham   Size: 1.7 MB – Date: 13/12/2019

Horsford, Felthorpe and Haveringland

Horsford-Felthorpe-and-Haveringland   Size: 10 MB – Date: 08/01/2020

Horsham and Newton St Faiths

Horsham-and-Newton-St-Faith   Size: 5.9 MB – Date: 13/12/2019

Lingwood and Burlingham, Strumpshaw and Beighton

Lingwood   Size: 3.8 MB – Date: 13/12/2019


Marsham   Size: 2.4 MB – Date: 13/12/2019


Reedham   Size: 1.2 MB – Date: 13/12/2019

Salhouse, Woodbastwick and Ranworth

Salhouse   Size: 4.1 MB – Date: 13/12/2019

South Walsham and Upton with Fishley

South-Walsham   Size: 1 MB – Date: 13/12/2019

Spixworth and Crostwick

Spixworth-and-Crostwick   Size: 1.3 MB – Date: 13/12/2019






Previous Meetings

September 2019


Greater Norwich Development Partnership Board 26 September 2019 Papers   Size: 808 KB – Date: 20/09/2019


190926-MINS-GNDP   Size: 50 KB – Date: 08/10/2019

January 2019


190129-FULL-PAPERS-GNDP-Board   Size: 1.2 MB – Date: 15/02/2019

Tabled-amendments-to-Towards-a-Strategy-report   Size: 337 KB – Date: 15/02/2019

Towards-a-Strategy-GNDP-Jan-2019as-revised   Size: 797 KB – Date: 15/02/2019


190129-MINS-GNDP   Size: 61 KB – Date: 15/02/2019

September 2018 papers:

Greater Norwich Development Partnership Board 26th September 2018: Agenda and Papers   Size: 980 KB – Date: 19/09/2018

Appendix 1 to the minutes of the GNDP meeting of June 19th

Appendix-1 to 19th June 2018 Minutes   Size: 104 KB – Date: 20/09/2018  

Appendix 1 to the draft Statement of Consultation Report and associated documents are available below.

Appendix-1- Draft Statement of Consultation September 2018   Size: 3.2 MB – Date: 10/09/2018

New Settlements Topic Paper - Lanpro Services submission re site GNLP1055   Size: 1.5 MB – Date: 07/09/2018

The minutes of the September 2018 meeting are below.

  GNDP Board 26 September 2018: Minutes   Size: 52 KB – Date: 25/10/2018


June 2018 papers:

The most recent meeting of the GNDP Board was on Tuesday 19th June 2018. Please see the papers of the meeting below.

  Greater Norwich Development Partnership Board 19 June 2018 Papers   Size: 2.3 MB – Date: 12/06/2018

November 2017 papers:

Papers for this meeting are available below:

Greater Norwich Development Partnership Board Papers 20 November 2017   Size: 3.7 MB – Date: 13/11/2017

GNDP Board 20 November 2017 Minutes   Size: 196 KB – Date: 22/12/2017

City Council Supplementary note to GNDP Meeting - 20 November 2017   Size: 109 KB – Date: 22/12/2017

June 2017 papers:

Greater Norwich Development Partnership Board Papers 23 June 2017   Size: 5.7 MB – Date: 16/06/2017  

GNDP Board 23 June 2017 Minutes   Size: 46 KB – Date: 05/07/2017  

March 2017 papers: 

Greater Norwich Development Partnership Board Papers 23 March 2017   Size: 622 KB – Date: 15/03/2017  

GNDP Board 23 March 2017 Minutes   Size: 56 KB – Date: 09/05/2017  

January 2017 papers:

Greater Norwich Development Partnership Board Papers 30 January 2017   Size: 2.3 MB – Date: 20/01/2017  

GNDP Board 30 January 2017 Minutes   Size: 50 KB – Date: 03/03/2017

November 2016 papers:

Greater Norwich Development Partnership Board Papers 14 November 2016   Size: 1 MB – Date: 04/11/2016  

November 2016 GNDP meeting - Supplementary note   Size: 268 KB – Date: 14/11/2016  

GNDP Board 14 November 2016 Minutes   Size: 54 KB – Date: 20/01/2017  

September 2016 papers:

Greater Norwich Development Partnership Board Papers 5 September 2016   Size: 2.1 MB – Date: 26/08/2016

GNDP Board Meeting 5 September 2016: Minutes   Size: 118 KB – Date: 03/11/2016