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Joint Core Strategy Evidence Library   Size: 205 KB – Date: 07/11/2014

Community Infrastructure Levy Examination Library   Size: 12 KB – Date: 07/11/2014


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38 documents beginning with “D”

Document Size Date
D D Smith Response IC1 603 KB 01/02/2011
D George Response IC1 15 KB 01/02/2011
Deal Ground and May Gurney Comments 42 KB 22/07/2010
Defining Bus Rapid Transit for Norwich 838 KB 30/09/2010
Department for Transport NDR Press Statement 16 December 2009 41 KB 16/12/2009
Department of Transport Letter to Mr. Mike Jackson, Norfolk County Council 9.11.10 NNDR 24 KB 09/11/2010
Department of Transport: Letter to Mr. D. Allfrey 9.11.10 Expressions of interest 23 KB 09/11/2010
Dept Communities & Local Government letter regarding current policy on eco-towns 10-07-02 GS 585 KB 01/11/2010
Dept Communities and Local Gov Business Plan 2011-15 314 KB 01/11/2010
Dept of Transport Business Plan 2011-15 314 KB 01/11/2010
Dept of Transport: Letter October 2006 re Long Stratton by-pass CPO and SRO 1.5 MB 01/11/2010
Dept. Communities & Local Government: Question & answers re. revocation of RSS 94 KB 10/11/2010
Dept. of Transport: Letter to NNTAG 17.11.10 re: NDR Postwick Hub 95 KB 01/11/2010
Dereham Road BRT Proposals 16 KB 25/11/2010
Dereham Road Bus Rapid Transit Proposal 4 MB 01/11/2010
DfT announcement on Transport schemes October 2010 32 KB 01/10/2010
DfT letter 2 August 2010 56 KB 02/08/2010
DfT Letter re Spending decisions 27 March 2009 1.2 MB 11/11/2010
DfT letter to Norfolk County Council - Programme Entry Decision Award 311 KB 12/05/2010
DfT letter: NDR funding approval and reconfirmation of programme entry December 2011 31 KB 01/12/2011
DfT report on Investment in Local Major Transport Schemes 95 KB 01/10/2010
Dickleburgh and Rushall Parish Council 85 KB 01/11/2011
DISS 6.7 MB 11/12/2019
Diss Town Council 89 KB 01/11/2011
Diversity and Equality Impact Assessment and Position Statement 1.1 MB 10/08/2012
Diversity and Equality Impact Assessment Dec 2012 156 KB 13/12/2012
Diversity Impact Assessment for the JCS Submission Content 157 KB 04/02/2013
Diversity Impact Assessment Statement 1.1 MB 01/11/2009
DJD note on different percentages of affordable housing 41 KB 01/12/2010
DJD: 1ha model for AH viability modelling 25 KB 01/12/2010
Dr J Bartlett Response IC1 9.6 KB 01/02/2011
Draft Programme for the JCS Hearings 2 May 2013 39 KB 02/05/2013
Draft response to Inspectors question 3: Distribution of growth 864 KB 01/09/2010
Drayton 5.7 MB 11/12/2019
Drivers Jonas Deloitte note on AHVS statistics 23 KB 02/12/2010
Drivers Jonas Deloitte Response to SoFC reps 1.4 MB 01/11/2010
Drivers Jonas Deloitte's use of 1ha model for AH viability modelling 25 KB 02/12/2010
Duke's Wharf, Norwich 16 KB 12/09/2013