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Greater Norwich Growth Board

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Aylsham Sports Hub Stage 2

About our projects

The Greater Norwich Growth Board provides funding to projects within the Greater Norwich Area. All projects are strategically selected to support the growth of the local community, and to ensure that residents have access to the infrastructure which makes Greater Norwich a great place to live.

The Greater Norwich Growth Board funds projects across 4 key thematic groups:

Green Infrastructure

Green Infrastructure is the provision of connected and multi-functional green spaces. It includes all forms of green spaces such as sports and recreation grounds, allotments, parks, and natural open spaces.  It also includes Blue Infrastructure such as rivers, canals, ponds, wetlands, and floodplains.


Community Infrastructure includes everything from Libraries and Community Centres to sports and Physical Activity Infrastructure such as playing pitches, swimming pools, and sports halls. 


Transport Infrastructure describes the physical network comprising roads, pavements, railways, and facilities such as rail stations, bus stops, streetlighting and signage.


Education Infrastructure includes all the facilities required to provide effective teaching and learning. Our projects concentrate on the need to build new schools or extend existing school buildings to support the growing population within Greater Norwich.