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Green Infrastructure Strategy

In 2022 the GNGB began work on a new Greater Norwich Green Infrastructure Strategy. This is due to replace the 2007 Strategy.

The development of this new strategy aims to support the protection, enhancement, and creation of GI in Greater Norwich. The strategy will be built on an understanding of the green and blue spaces in the area and will identify future opportunities for GI provision and enhancement. The supporting Delivery Plan will demonstrate how the strategy can be implemented through practical projects and interventions. This will assist in the allocation of resources, and in the consideration of GI requirements within planning applications. Updating the GI strategy is also important to ensure that full account is taken of current and emerging legislative requirements.

The 2007 Greater Norwich Green Infrastructure Strategy was developed around four principal Green Infrastructure themes:

  • Sustaining and enhancing the character and local distinctiveness of riverscapes, landscapes and townscapes
  • Making space for wildlife
  • Providing a high quality, multi-functional and connected network of accessible green spaces for people
  • Adapting to climate change through sustainable planning and design.

The new Greater Norwich Green Infrastructure Strategy will build on these ambitions and help us deliver well connected strategically placed green spaces for our residents.

 The new Green Infrastructure Strategy will be informed by a public consultation. The consultation was open for six weeks from 10 May to 21 June 2023. It gave those taking part a chance to tell us how and why they use existing green spaces, plus their thoughts on how these spaces could be improved. The consultation will help inform the strategic direction for green space projects in Greater Norwich..

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