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Greater Norwich Growth Board

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Greater Norwich Infrastructure Plan (GNIP)

The Greater Norwich Infrastructure Plan is a high-level summary of what infrastructure is needed to support growth in Greater Norwich. It is prepared to help coordinate and manage the delivery of strategic infrastructure projects as well as improve quality of life for residents and enhance the natural environment.

The plan is updated on an annual basis, and is developed in partnership with external organisations. The information captured in the GNIP feeds into the GNGB’s decision making for the allocation of funding from the Infrastructure Investment Fund (IIF). The GNIP includes:

  • Information about how the partners are working to achieve clean growth.
  • A summary of the Greater Norwich Strategic Growth Area, the areas where growth is planned to take place.
  • An outline of the range of funding streams which are available and what has been received..
  • An explanation of how Neighbourhood CIL is administered and spent in Greater Norwich with a supporting list of projects which have been identified in Neighbourhood Plans.  
  • Outlines the infrastructure that is required i across the four thematic groups which are eligible to receive funding from the GNGB; Green Infrastructure, Transport, Community Facilities and Education.
  • Outlines the additional infrastructure requirements across a range of other categories.
  • Contains appendices which provide a list of projects from the four eligible infrastructure groups that are currently programmed for delivery, separated from those that remain to be purely aspirational.

The GNIP informs the Joint Five Year Infrastructure Investment Plan, and the Greater Norwich Annual Growth Programme.

View the Digital Version of the GNIP here

GNIP-2023-FINAL   Size: 6.1 MB – Date: 20/06/2023